Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

Actions speak louder than words. So rather than us go on about how Ron Winter directed the new Shooting Stars music video, got the lads, Bag Raiders to you and me, in front of the blue screen while they were touring North America, or what its like waking up in a bed full of polygon-crafted pretties - just watch the clip and make up your mind.

Get the album:

More info:!/bag_raiders
  • marta rivera

    I can't believe this is actually a meme

  • pritam gurung

    i will sleep early tonight,3:23 i will fucking find that meme song,it took me more than half hr and finally im here

  • JJP mitten-state

    so much illuminatic symbolism

  • Ameesha Bashar

    And thus, a meme is born.

  • The_Noodle_Thief

    Too bad I've been listening to this since 2015

  • Saint Dennis

    Man this song really slaps.

  • reginald56000

    Wtf we made a MEME with this song even before a MEME is a thing,..

  • Jayden Jaggernauth

    Everyone is here from the memes but what about NBA 2k16??

  • Neon

    That graphics in this song is better than GTA V :D .

  • Jose Daniel Aguilar Aguilar

    This song is better than I rhink

  • Macca's wife

    the video is worse than the meme

  • Jose Daniel Aguilar Aguilar

    Ok the video is really wierdo :v

  • jefferson iury

    so vim pelo meme do randy orton.

  • Kaschmirsamt

    when did this become a meme sound????????????? wtf this song is so greaaaaat

  • Lance Lim

    Came here for the memes.

  • Luc-As XII

    Les français sont la ?? ;)

  • Lain Kurai

    When the song is better than the meme

  • Lógica Zer0

    eight years later this song was successful :]

  • Clark PNG

    it looks like they r in gta year 1999

  • Vi Le


  • Libertarian Wolf

    Hail Brazil, the King Country of Memes!!!

  • Ana

    S O U T H A M E R I C A M E M E S

  • Ryuk ジ

    Ahhh finally found it meme song :D yeah!

  • The B1oodark

    It's amazing what people can produce all by themselves. Without record companies, radio, etc., telling artists what to do. :-) Makes me happy

  • NoPantsTony

    The meme ruined it XD

  • Chalmskinn Productions

    1:54 you lost me there

  • Allen1350

    Is there a limit to how many likes a comment can get?

  • Jussi221

    My quest for finding name of this song is over.

  • Danilo Amorim

    os melhores memes foram criados com esse hit cadê os Br Huehuehe

  • lo petas :v

    soy el unico que habla español

  • Josh Reynolds

    this has to be the most popular meme

  • slime114

    shit like this never die...

  • Gianella Velasquez hurtado

    esta es la canción de los memes :v

  • Blair Crysline Mampen

    this song is too good to not have been a meme

  • *The Virus*

    после порно и кокса обычно так штырит

  • Cool Girl

    Bu şarkıyı yeni görmem? wtf

  • Kaique Barbosa

    meeemeeesss huehuehuehe brbr

  • Zeedan Plays

    I'm still kinda on my brain that "does this belong in a meme...?"

  • Matias Gonzalez

    like si no te querían dar el nombre de la cancion

  • The King Of Limbs

    I just want to know what the budget was for this video

  • Gael Antezana Vargas

    like si estas aquí por el meme :v

  • Harry Kane

    S O U T H A M E R I C A M E M E S

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