Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars

Actions speak louder than words. So rather than us go on about how Ron Winter directed the new Shooting Stars music video, got the lads, Bag Raiders to you and me, in front of the blue screen while they were touring North America, or what its like waking up in a bed full of polygon-crafted pretties - just watch the clip and make up your mind.

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More info:!/bag_raiders
  • Torque 700

    Now you know that there's gonna be a lot of dislikes just because a video has a ton of likes xDbtw this song is pretty good

  • -I- -VLAD-

    actually this is a nice music ilove soo much this song

  • Ching Ling

    Why am I still here?

  • XxCountDown123xX

    song came out 7 years ago

  • Official Gibus Lover

    just like if i still was in the 90's

  • SW creeper

    Am I the only one who thinks this is an awesome song and doesn't feel like a meme?

  • M4RP

    Después de esto todos salen volando :v

  • Abhinav Varma

    I can't believe I've finally found this meme song

  • VitaminVision

    this song was on NBA2K16 initially

  • kevin boy

    who just know this Videos/song in 2017 ? :v


    Wait what's the themes of this song genre?!?!??!

  • Chi010

    Can u give me acapella.... pls..

  • Arturo Cedeño

    alahu akbar tu tu tutuuuuu tut ut tu tu tu tuuuuuuu tu

  • Dio Marclif

    this channel is dieing


    pimba .cupchupchupchupchupchupchupchup pimba.chupchupchupchup pumba.BRS SEUS FODAS COMUNIDADE DA PIMBADA VIOLENTA CADE VCS?

  • Wertu X



    Mal fez sucesso essa música...Eis que, virou um meme

  • NekoShey

    So this is where synthwave came from

  • Jupiter Jimble

    240 P. Ahhhh good memories :x

  • lee constant

    fuck man I remeber when this video only had 100 thousand views. THE POWER OF A Meme

  • ProBro Miki ツ


  • rajat chandra

    came here because of memes😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Aghil

    This song keep playing in my head mate plrase someone stahp it!!

  • Susana Lopez

    Pvto el que lo lea :v.

  • TotallySkittles

    when i was younger this song was sick but now it's a dead meme

  • Bruno Garcia

    lleva casi 8 años en youtube y apenas en 2017 es conocida :v

  • Gavin Corder

    Good Meme,Good Song.:)

  • Juriko Chang

    The Cart Kid with sound Bring Me here..

  • Seb Ska

    This is amazing...all the memes

  • Rafaem Gomes

    51M views. Thats the song of the year

  • classyfenn

    Hey guys tmrtan here and I am pretty excited to something AND THIS is my baby tmrtn flys around a #gaybluejeep while shooting stars plays

  • Muhammed Akbayır

    I like this song too much

  • Kauanne Fernanda

    2009: música normal2017: virou meme

  • Danielle Gonzales

    Great memes have been born from this song

  • Hyper-Dimension Rising

    This song reminds me of Dye Fantasy...

  • Jason MinhTos

    Shooting Stars? more like Shooting Meme

  • Lill Anky

    All The Good Memes Bought Me Here

  • Kim Thanh Nguyen

    I know meme brought you here ;)

  • Zabargad

    this and ocean man. Two genuinely quality and enjoyable songs that no one can listen to now unironically without transcending into human memeism.

  • XxCountDown123xX

    2017 so became crazy famous

  • Fernando Pereira

    Muito foda a batida ! 2017 ok

  • Matthew Harry

    liek ye boiii i i i i iiii i i i i iiiiii i i i i iiii i i

  • Liam Willett

    when you play gta at the least setting

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