Darude - Shooting Sandstorms смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

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  • papajohn1326

    dont do drugs or you will be like that guy

  • devinhallsworth

    I need like a looping version of this bad.

  • Elijah The Sage

    DOC:You have twominutes to live

  • James Wilson

    I actually really like this.

  • Dolan Turmp

    I threw up when i saw Matt Hoss.

  • Vin

    shit this actually sounds good

  • Crazycut

    Why is this video not available?

  • Henry Scott


  • Animaniacs333

    This actually sounds good. As in, I can listen to this in the car.

  • Pootis Mann

    One day, we will get Darude, Astley, Shootings Stars, We are Number One,Nyan cat, Numa Numa, Gabe the Dog, Epic Sax and Space Jam in one song.And true anthem of the Internet will be born.

  • YoungNinja- 117

    Well my friend, you just got another subscriber lml! I just got done watching the "Never gonna shooting stars" or something like that lml!

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