Rick Astley - Never Gonna Shoot Your Stars


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  • Juani Strummer

    This is another level

  • Cole The troll

    Never gonna give your memes up

  • Sep

    I can't watch it on mobile anymore.(In the Netherlands, for anyone wondering)

  • לוטן מילר

    we just got double-memed

  • Kerenzard

    This is true meme gold

  • L'Enigmista Nero


  • dislikeme

    this fucking shit has one of the most liked comments, kill myself plzjk i luv this plz give me kids

  • Elliot Andersen

    What's the name of this song?... Darude Sandstorm? Ok

  • dino ino

    is this the only good song mix cuz i checked the others and they are alright except for this one its excellent. and please make more i enjoy it :3 so plez make more i love these

  • Dr. BurnS

    Real talk though, this is actually a pretty catchy mash-up

  • QsfProductions Games Machinimas And More!

    I can't wait till I have kids. Then, when they ask "Daddy, what are memes?" I can show them this.

  • Tsaan

    "this video is not available" NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Wolfcho

    What is the music in the background?? its like nasa theme

  • Guillermo Rodriguez


  • RedTigerPanda :3

    This is absolutely beautiful....... Brings a tear to my eye................

  • Billy Loves Anime

    this cured my cancer

  • Daddy Len-Len

    when it's supposed to be a meme but you think it's actually a good song

  • Anon ymous

    Crap. I've been starrolled by the mighty grandayy, resurrector of memes.

  • IIRetrozII


  • TheRoboRancho

    911 fuk that this is awesome

  • Galactic Adversy

    This deserves an emmy, a grammie, and an academy award for best video on youtube

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